2009/12/7 19:35:13


Have been a long time not to write anything in English. And now just want to write down something.

Today is 07-Dec-2009, 2009 is almost gone, and I have been working in Acemold for more than 2 years. What have I done? Am I ready to go? During this year, there were only 2 companies asking me to interview, but I rejected, I don't know whether my decision is correct or not? But I won't regret, I know there have no "if……". About work, I have more leisure time than before for the economic crisis, at the beginning of this year, in the Spring Festival party, I was very lucky to win a prize in a lottery----Ipod nano MP4. And then my lucky journey begin, at Jun. ,through a cousinship, I met Nancy, my lover. At the same time, our company's business were recovering from last year's economic crisis, automatically at Aug. I was promoted and increase a little salary, it was said that Engineer Dept.'s guy havn't increase any salary, they entered this company the same time as me. From the order form from Engineer Dept., from Sep. this year the order amount was droping again, I was so lucky! In the first half of the year, in the working spare time, I learnt a lot of English and mold design theory, but in the latter half of the year, I feel I have learnt a little, maybe is because being in love need more time and thinking.

Anyway, this year should be one of my best year ever! Thanks......

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